The Noah Basketball System

Come to In The Zone and get your shot analyzed and a shooter ranking from our new NOAH Basketball shot analysis system. Noah helps build muscle memory and tracks player performance and consistency by helping to identify inconsistent shooters and gives video and verbal feedback to perfect their shot.

Build muscle memory with noah and reinforce it with high repetition training in our shooting cages.  Increase your shooting ability and percentages at In The Zone with the most state of the art technology here in Katy by combining Noah and our patented shooting cage technology "The Shootaround".



Noah Packages

A Noah session consists of 75-100 shots with Noah feedback.  The initial session will include 25 shots with no feedback in order to establish the player's baseline.

We recommend a player use at least 3 sessions a week for 1 month straight to help burn in muscle memory.  This would equal 12 sessions a month.

  • Cost: $30.00 per session (75-100 shots)
  • Package rates:  12 sessions for $360.00


  • Call to register