Shooting Class

Level 1 Free Throw Training


Note: You must take the Free Throw Shooting class prior to enrolling in the Level 1 Training


This training will continue the students progress from the Free Throw Shooting Class.


In each session the student will shoot hundreds of free throws. A coach will watch and correct the students form during each session. The target goal is to reach 88-90% free throw percentage. We will track your progress after each class and after reaching 88% in 3 consecutive classes, the student graduates to Level 2 Free Throw Shooting.

Ages 11 and up

8 Students max per class


Level 2 Free Throw Training


In this training each player is fatiqued to simulate game conditions. Players percentages typically will drop initially, however, with continued attendance in the class, will then increase back up to the 88 - 90% target free throw percentage.


Ages 11 and up

8 students max per class





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